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Change October 29, 2009

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Do you have heard the new song of selena gomez As a blonde? Is just the way i’m feeling! You know when you’re always seeing the same persons, the same things and places….you get tired and that’s the way I am! I’m desperate for change!! Portugal is a beautiful country but not to live for sure…If you want to be doctor you need to go to spain, if you want to be model you go to brazil, if you want to be actress you go to L.A and portugal? is just great to spend your hollidays!

What you guys think?

Luv ya


Check it out :


2 Responses to “Change”

  1. paulo Says:

    i agree with you … Portugal its a wonderfull country but if we want to be succeed and do something interesting we need to go to other country

    • cleooz Says:

      Yeah right! And we know that because we have bigger dreams and their not about portugal! Thanks btw and i hope u keep waiting for my new posts

      Luv ya

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