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Problems November 17, 2009

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Today what i’ve to say is PROBLEMS

Every1 have problems, and it’s stupid think and cry about them because there are bigger problems than mine’s but what can i do?

I love my life, I DO and i thanks god everynight but i still have my moments. I don’t live in the wonderland, so i deserve to cry, i deserve to be sad, right?! why do i have to show everyday the same happy face, even when i’m down?

Sometimes we try to seem stronger and we’re just sofring twice 😡 and one day we get tired of that and we just think: WHY?

That’s what i’m thinking right now…. Why? I’m not perfect, I’m not an angel but you got to give me a break because i’m just human

well it was my day 😦 Is just to let you know that sometimes i cry


Luv ya



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