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New school November 12, 2009

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My new school sent me a letter today inviting me to be there next friday at 2 pm. I’ll go with my mom because is realy far form my house so we’ll pick up a train (it’s kinda dangerous here).we’ll be there for 3 hours as they said 😡 and i just thought: 3 HOURS? it scares me out haha and you know what realy scares me? It’s a NEW school with NEW rules and a NEW class, it’s all new for me and i’m freaking out because of that! What do you think? you think is normal?

Luv ya



Make it last November 1, 2009

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Let’s make it last…

The sun and the summer rain,

A smile a hug or a kiss

The sunrise or the sunset

A jump and a rest time

A race or just a walk

My time or your presence

Let’s make this moments last

Bacause life is too short

to be wasted or forgotten


Luv ya



Change October 29, 2009

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Do you have heard the new song of selena gomez As a blonde? Is just the way i’m feeling! You know when you’re always seeing the same persons, the same things and places….you get tired and that’s the way I am! I’m desperate for change!! Portugal is a beautiful country but not to live for sure…If you want to be doctor you need to go to spain, if you want to be model you go to brazil, if you want to be actress you go to L.A and portugal? is just great to spend your hollidays!

What you guys think?

Luv ya


Check it out :


Hello October 28, 2009

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Good mornig everyone 😀 What a beatifful day outside!

So I’m claudia, I’m portuguese, I live in Portugal and I LOVE AMERICA haha it’s soooo true!

I like to sing… a lot, i love music and i can’t live without it, i love dance and laugh, i love acting and have my own world and i have dreams…big dreams but i dont’ give up of them!

I’m  a happy girl and i want 2 share my happiness with you guys

Here i’m gonna post my thoughs about everything i’m living, and i’m gonna talk about celebreties 2 and i hope you coment me and be here wating my news 😀

Luv Ya